The Present Moment Project is proud to partner with a diverse range of organisations, businesses and networks, local, national and global to teach Mindfulness-Based Resilience.

We can help you to build a better workplace. One that enables creativity, innovation, collaboration, much improved communication and higher productivity.

The Present Moment Project is Michael Matania from the mental health charity Mind and Robert Mitchell of Bromley Mindfulness, their associates and volunteers.

Robert and Michael are committed to bringing Mindfulness-based resilience training to organisations and the public while also making mindfulness training widely accessible to the most marginalised and hard to reach groups.

We teach the oldest skills in the newest ways

Our approach blends the practical techniques of the eastern wisdom traditions with modern understanding.

We train organisations of all sizes and the general public, including the most marginalised and hard to reach groups in society.

Through teaching people these foundational skills, we are helping to build a world where everyone has tools they need to focus, contribute, collaborate and create.

Mindfulness changed our lives in a simple yet profound way

Mindfulness has helped us regain control of our moment-by-moment experience and switch from autopilot to manual, from stressed to calm, from distracted to focused. The outcome for us is that we became happier, healthier and calmer.

We are now sharing what we have learnt with others.

Robert Mitchell
Robert MitchellFounder
Robert is the Founder of Bromley Mindfulness where he runs Mindfulness-based Resilience courses, classes and retreats for the public and organisations. Bromley Mindfulness has taught thousands of students of mindfulness since 2013. Robert also has decades of experience in executive and management roles and a deep understanding of organisational dynamics.
Michael Matania
Michael MataniaFounder
Michael works on behalf of the Mental Health charity ‘Mind’, where he leads on the design and development of all Mindfulness content delivered through the Mindkit Project. Michael trains volunteers to deliver this content, which is funded to introduce Mindfulness to 13,500 people by 2017. Michael also runs Mindfulness workshops internally for National Mind staff as part of its workplace wellbeing strategy.
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