Mindfulness is learning how to focus on the present moment with acceptance, patience and skill.
Resilience is learning to cope with adversity in a way that helps us cope with future adversity.

Resilience is an organisational survival trait. Resilient organisations respond efficiently to change and Mindfulness-Based Resilience Training is the key to doing exactly this. We have merged our expertise in mindfulness with our first-hand knowledge of organisational needs to design the first specialised Mindfulness-Based Resilience (MBR) course for personal, professional and organisational development.

Mindfulness-Based Resilience training is a framework for self-managed personal development that builds the ability to cope with the challenges of work and personal life.

We help people and organisations to learn a way of living and working that is more collaborative, effective and focused. This, in turn, builds a deep-rooted culture of resilience in organisations and reduces resistance to change.

We help you reduce the effects of stress on your workforce by tackling stress at its root. We teach your employees the tools that, when practised, will help them achieve balance, focus and clarity.

We understand the need for a balance between the operational needs of an organisation and the need to introduce training like Mindfulness-Based Resilience. We are aware of the need for flexibility to fit in with organisational needs and so we have designed a number of operations friendly formats to deliver Mindfulness-Based Resilience.

Designed to fit in with staff wellness and/or resilience days, our half-day sessions inform and also deliver practical techniques to increase resilience and help to develop mindfulness.

Perfect for a lunch and learn, we can deliver one hour sessions that can fit into the working day at a convenient time that create the minimum of operational disruption.
We can work with you to design a training schedule that fits with your needs. This includes helping to produce internal communications and messaging.

Benefits of Mindfulness-Based Resilience Training

We can help you to build a better workplace. One that creates increased motivation, attendance, retention and productivity.

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